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Help with Utility Bills


The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) can offer income-eligible residents of Santa Clara County a credit to their utility bill. HEAP is available for people who purchase energy from PG&E, Silicon Valley Power or the City of Palo Alto as well as those who heat their home using wood, propane, or oil purchased from a vendor. Along with the utility credit, clients will also receive valuable information about energy conservation and practical tips on how to save energy and keep your utility bill at a manageable level.

The amount of HEAP assistance is calculated based on:

  • Household size
  • Household income

Other factors considered include funding availability and the cost of energy within the county where the household resides. HEAP provides one payment, ranging from $173 to $289 every calendar year. Families with elderly, disabled or young residents in the dwelling are encouraged to apply

Please be aware that this is a NON-EMERGENCY program and it may be 6-8 weeks before the payment is

How to Apply

In order to apply for assistance with your utility bills, you need to complete, sign, date, and mail (do not fax) the application form to us with ALL of the required documents listed below:

  1. A copy of All PAGES of your current month's energy bill for the last 30 days – gas, electric, wood, propane, or combination thereof. The bill must show a name, address, account number, and current monthly energy usage. Delinquent notices and closing bills are not acceptable. If you have a credit showing on your energy bill, please do not send in an application until there is no credit left.
  2. Documentation of income from all sources for ALL people living in the household who are 18 years or older. Income documents must be current, must include gross income (before deductions), must cover a one-month period, and must be dated within six weeks of your application date. Each person living in your household who is 19 years and older and who does Not receive income, needs to sign and fill out the "Survey of No Income and Expenses." (Included in application below.)

Please note that if your application is received and the form is not complete and/or does not have all the required documentation attached, processing will be delayed until all the required documents are received.

Download the application form in English or Spanish or Vietnamese

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