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Frequently Asked Questions

Electrical Lines

Is Sacred Heart Energy part of PG&E?

No. Sacred Heart Energy is a local non-profit agency serving low-income residents in Santa Clara County. Although we help with PG&E bills, we are not affiliated with PG&E.

How can I apply for help with my energy bill?

Click here for instructions on how to apply and to download an application. You can also call us at 877-278-6455 to request the application forms.

How can I apply for free home weatherization?

Owners and renters may apply. If you are a renter, both the renter/applicant and the owner need to sign a weatherization service agreement. Please click here for more information and to download the agreement.

What documentation is required to be submitted with my application?

ALL of the documents listed below are required:
  • A copy of All PAGES of your current month's energy bill for the last 30 days – gas, electric, wood, propane, or combination thereof. The bill must show a name, address, account number, and current monthly energy usageDelinquent notices and closing bills are not acceptable. If you have a credit showing on your energy bill, please do not send in an application until there is no credit left.
  • Documentation of income from all sources for ALL people living in the household who are 18 years or older.  Income documents must be current, must include gross income (before deductions), must cover a one-month period, and must be dated within six weeks of your application date.
  • This letter with your signature and date (see signature line below.)

What kinds of energy bills do you help with?

We can provide payment assistance with the following:
  • Gas and electric. If your gas and electric bill is from PG&E a copy of your most recent bill is required with your application. If your gas and electric is sub-metered a copy of your most recent monthly rental receipt is required with your application.
  • Included in Rent. If your utilities are included in your rent we are able to accept a letter from your landlord or property manager stating the dollar amount of your rent that goes toward your home's energy costs.

Does the energy bill need to be in my name?

No. Any person over the age of 18 who lives in the home full time may apply for assistance. The service address on the energy bill must be the physical address at which the applicant lives.

How often can I apply for help?

Sacred Heart can provide a one-time benefit payment per calendar year. Benefit payments are determined by the household size and income.

May I apply for assistance paying my utility bills if I am currently enrolled in PG&E's reduced rate program CARE (California Alternate Rate for Energy )?


May I apply for utility assistance if I have received energy bill payment assistance from other programs such as REACH?


Do you help with deposits?

State guidelines require HEAP funding to be used for a customer’s current energy usage costs. If you are facing a termination of service due to non-payment of a deposit request, please call our toll free number at (877) 278-6455 for more information.

PG&E is no longer my service provider, but I still owe them money on my closed account. Can you help me?

No. State guidelines require HEAP funding to be used for a customer’s current energy usage costs.

How do I know if I qualify for help paying my utility bills?

Click here to see the eligibility requirements.

How often may I apply for weatherization?

Sacred Heart may only weatherize a dwelling once every 5 years. However, if you move to another dwelling that has not been previously weatherized you may apply for weatherization services again.

What is weatherization?

Trained technicians will assess your home and install energy efficient measures as needed. These measures will save you money and make your home safe as well as comfortable.

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